Weed Control & Fertilization Columbia Station OH

For high quality and reliable fertilization and weed control, give Alpha Lawn Care Inc a call. Lawn fertilization is a crucial step in keeping your lawn looking good by ensuring your grass is receiving the important nutrients it needs while weed control will help maintain beauty.

Whether you own a residential property or a commercial property in need of fertilization or weed control, our technicians are here for you.

Lawn Fertilization
For lawn fertilization in Columbia Station OH, Alpha Lawn Care Inc brings decades of experience and a professional quality to residential properties that are utilized by major commercial properties, schools and churches. If you want that gorgeous green lawn that complements the landscaping and exterior of the home, give our crew a call. Our highly-trained and skilled technicians will make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Weed Control
There are many reasons people want to get rid of the weeds on the lawn:
     • Aesthetics – Weeds popping out of lush green grass diminishes its looks
     • Health – Weeds that are prevalent can take the nutrients and water needed to help the grass get the necessities to remain healthy and grow strong.
     • Out of Control – Weeds that are allowed to grow can take over a yard slowly harming the grass and becoming increasingly difficult to remove.

At Alpha Lawn Care Inc, we can take care of your serious weed problems and manage the issue in as little as two applications. After just a couple applications, we can generally get rid of 95% of the weeds in your yard.

We use of liquid weed control because we have found that liquids provide better results. On top of that, we also use varying weed control products to ensure that weeds do not grow a resistance. 

It is important that we maintain the environment and keep Columbia Station and the surrounding area as beautiful and safe as possible. We use synthetic chemicals to maximize the fertilization and weed control performance, however, when it comes to weed control, we will not over-use the product. If we believe your lawn does not need an application, we will let you know and not just spray for the sake of it. We will also spot treat stubborn weeds.

Call Alpha Lawn Care Inc
If you are searching for a high quality lawn fertilization and weed control company, give Alpha Lawn Care Inc a call. Landscapers use us as subcontractors when they are working on properties that require healthy and vibrant lawns and our customers trust us year after year to keep the integrity of their lawn.

Our strong lawn fertilization products will help with turf density and color so your grass looks great throughout the entire year. 

With great value and highly competitive pricing, you can rely on our local crew to understand what it takes to keep your lawn thriving and the weeds minimal. Let Alpha Lawn Care Inc help you enjoy the lawn you deserve and call us today.