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Alpha Lawn Care Inc has been providing high quality lawn treatment service and lawn care in Columbia Station OH since 2001. Our dedicated team of technicians averaging over 15 years of experience each brings a professional grade lawn fertilizer service to every home and business we work with. When you want your lawn looking beautiful and green, give Alpha Lawn Care Inc a call and put your trust into our experienced crew.

If you are searching online for a lawn service near me and you live in the Columbia Station area, we can provide you with:
     • Turf fertilization
     • Weed control
     • Core aeration
     • Fungicide applications
     • A variety of pest applications

There are many lawn care companies both big and small to choose from but, at Alpha Lawn Care Inc, we provide a customizable approach to lawn care and give a personal touch that the bigger corporations are unable to offer.

Lawn Care Columbia Station OH
Alpha Lawn Care Inc offers a comprehensive lawn care plan that focuses on quality over quantity. Our five applications per year helps grass come out of their winter dormancy and remain healthy and strong throughout the entire season. Using a combination of dry granular fertilizer and liquid weed control, we can help your lawn maintain its luster and keep your property looking beautiful.

Other lawn care services include core aeration which will help minimize compaction and grub control which will ensure the insects do not feed on and destroy your lawn.

Eco-Friendly and Effective
Like many lawn fertilizer companies, we use high quality fertilizers and weed control. However, at Alpha Lawn Care Inc, we are very conscious on the impact our synthetic chemicals can have on the environment in the long run. That is why we will not press weed control service if we feel your lawn does not need it. If your lawn is looking weed-free, there is no reason to spray for weeds. If we notice ones we can spot treat, we will take care of them.

Insect Control
For insect control, you can rely on Alpha Lawn Care Inc to keep the pests away. Our perimeter pest application will minimize the level of insects entering your home and our lawn services will ensure the bugs such as Chinch bugs, fleas and insects are not plaguing your property.

Vegetation Control
Most residential customers will not need vegetation control, however, if you are searching for lawn care companies or a lawn fertilizer service that offers this program, give Alpha Lawn Care Inc a call. We provide consistent and reliable vegetation control services for farms, airports and other customers who require their unwanted vegetation be eliminated around critical parts of their property. 

Lawn Service Near Me
Sifting through the internet in hopes of finding a lawn treatment service company that is reliable can be challenging. With Alpha Lawn Care Inc, we bring a proven history of excellent lawn care service. Most of our customers have come through referrals and we are proud of our high retention rates. 

We are proud members of:
     • Ohio Lawn Care Association
     • Ohio Turf Grass Foundation
     • Ohio Landscapers Association.

Experience the gorgeous green and healthy lawn you deserve. Offering a great value, competitive pricing and high quality services, contact Alpha Lawn Care Inc and see how we stand out over the other lawn care companies.