Lawn Care Columbia Station OH

Alpha Lawn Care Inc has been providing high quality lawn care in Columbia Station OH since 2001. Commercial businesses, schools and churches have relied on our experienced crew to keep their lawns looking beautiful and green. For residential properties, Alpha Lawn Care Inc has helped our customers maintain a high level of lawn care ensuring their grass isa healthy and vibrant which keeps the property looking incredible throughout the year.

Lawn Care Program
At Alpha Lawn Care Inc, we focus on quality over quantity and offer a comprehensive lawn care program to keep the weeds to a minimum and the grass as lush and green as possible. We use a synthetic, dry granular fertilizer that is slow release. The five applications break down as followed:
     • 1st Application - Our first application begins early in the season with a crab grass pre-emergent designed to help the lawn start off the season on the right            foot. Preventing crab grass early is a key first step to keeping a healthy lawn.
     • 2nd, 3rd and 4th Application – These applications use a dry granular fertilizer as well a liquid weed control to combat weeds as they begin to grow as well as        manage the ones that may have already bloomed. These lawn fertilization applications help improve turf density and color.
     • 5th Application – The final application is a slow release fertilizer to prepare the lawn to enter the colder season and keep it in good shape over the winter.

Core Aeration
Core aeration is a great service that truly helps a lawn remain healthy and strong. We offer both a spring and fall core aeration with the purpose of reducing compaction and allowing water, nutrients and air to reach the roots of the grass. This practice will help keep a lawn growing strong and allow the fertilizer and water to flow easier to the roots for maximum growth.

We recommend the core aeration in the fall when the majority of the root activity is taking place.

Grub Control
By utilizing the grub control service in the spring, we can help prevent grubs from causing considerable damage to your lawn. This preventative service is only one application and designed to work throughout the season. Beetles tend to lay eggs toward the end of June so the application works best early in the season prior to hatching. By not managing the grubs in your yard, you can experience brown or dead grass spots.

Great Value, Competitive Pricing
As a local lawn care company in Columbia Station OH, we understand what it takes to make a lawn look great. We are constantly achieving better results in lawn care compared to the bigger corporate companies and we bring a personalized touch to each job we do. Our dedication to customer service combined with a knowledgeable crew has allowed us to succeed and grow through referrals and recommendations.

For all your lawn care needs, give Alpha Lawn Care Inc a call and discover why so many residential and commercial properties continue to use our services.